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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Topical sports science and analysis

Here at the Science of Sport, our objective is to give the second, third and fourth level of insight into sports news. So having learned WHAT happened in your local paper or on the television, our goal is to tell you WHY and HOW it happened.

So below is a list of some of the topical sports stories we've covered here in The Science of Sport. Each one is a link, so click to be directed to the article:

  • Ed Coyle and Lance Armstrong: The scientific "fraud"
  1. Introduction: What Coyle found, and why it was challenged as false
  2. The "minor miscalculation" - Coyle's error is revealed by fellow scientists
  3. Fact and philosophy - Coyle's arrogant response to the challenge
  • Oscar Pistorius articles AFTER the CAS verdict: Evaluating the "science"
  1. The CAS verdict. Pistorius is cleared, and Pandora's box is opened
  2. The implications of the CAS verdict: Running community opinions
  3. The Law vs. Science: How marketing won the day in the courtroom
  4. Exposing some of the lies and myths of Oscar Pistorius
  5. The remarkable physiology of Oscar Pistorius
  • Oscar Pistorius - should he be allowed to run?
  • IAAF world Championships in Osaka, 2007
  • Preview of 2008
  • Review of 2007
      • Highs and lows - sudden death of athletes and great victories
      • Performance of the year
      • Athlete of the year
      • Choker of the year
      • Undo a lifetime of achievement award
      • Losing sleep over the future award
As more stories hit the news, we'll do our best to cover them, and post those links right here!