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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

High pressure period notice

Sorry for the silence, but...

I just wanted to drop in a short post today to say apologies for the silence over the last week, a week which saw the Comrades Marathon being run. Normally, that would be a staple diet for us here on The Science of Sport, but this time was different. Jonathan is in the USA, where coverage is non-existent, and I've been in the UK where it is equally comprehensive! So the Comrades came and went, and, not surprisingly, was won by foreigners. The only surprise was that the men's winner was not Russian, but Zimbabwean, Stephen Muzhingi taking the title in 5:23:26. It's a super fast time, and that's really all I can say about it, since I've seen only one report on it!

I've been with the SA Sevens Team for the last week, and we still have one week to go in the World Series, with a tournament in Edinburgh to come. Those who are following the sport will know the situation - within touching distance of the world series win, and so it is an important week. Time is limited, as is internet access, so bear with us during this period of "quiet"! The situation is that the team needs to win only a point in the final tournament to claim the title. However, we're going out for all 20 and the tournament win. If you asked the players to honestly assess what it would take for them to return to SA satisfied (not happy, just satisfied), not one would say that a Series win alone would be sufficient - we lost in the semi-final against NZ yesterday, and it was a sign of where we've come that this was a huge disappointment, such are the expectations of the players.

I'll do a post on the trip, the science behind it, and other sports news, as soon as the dust has settled!

Until then, if it's news and good commentary on running you'd like, don't forget to tune into LetsRun.com - they miss nothing and report it better than anyone else!

We'll be back soon, because the European athletics season starts now, and the French Open builds towards its climax! Join us then!



Cogito Argentum said...

If you all think that London coverage was bad...check LA at Universal Sports

Pink Floyd said...

Hello (hello hello) is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can here me -- is there anyone at all?

Ross Tucker and Jonathan Dugas said...

HI Pink Floyd

Ummm, this is me nodding...

You did read the post? I did say to expect a break while we both dealt with work that unfortunately has to be done to pay the bills.

I'm not sure what you're getting at exactly, whether its humour or sarcasm.

In any event, I'll post again soon.


Ray said...

Hi Ross,

Of course, I read everything -- just thought I'd give an excerpt from one of the best songs ever (did I really spell "hear" "here"?) to remind you that you are missed.

But I understand life's priorities get in the way of our passions. I guess I have to watch the French Open by myself.

See you soon,

Ross Tucker and Jonathan Dugas said...

Hi Ray

Oh, was that you? Sorry, I don't know that song (jokes about generations come to mind...), so I missed the deliberate spelling completely.

I haven't watched a single shot in the French Open, so I'm uniquely unqualified to even comment on it...

Hopefully on the weekend I'll start!

Enjoy the tennis, I'll post some thoughts asap!


Ray said...

Yeah, just me.

The song is "Comfortably Numb", from "The Wall" - an important album in my formative years. But we'll leave the discussion of age to your upcoming series.

Unfortunately, the misspelling was inadvertent. I live in a "foreign" country now, and my spelling and grammar is noticeably degrading (both written and spoken).

Also looking most forward to the detailed breakdown (series?) of Dr. Michael Ashenden's lengthy interview (in case you have too many things to discuss and don't know where to start).

But no pressure here -- just do what you can when you can after SA wins the World Series.

Ciao for now,

Duff said...

Congrats on winning. It will be good to see your positive posts.
(especially after your gut renching rant in SA. good to see you have recovered)
Meanwhile back at the reason for this psot
I am instructing a marathon clinic and one of the runners wants some 'motivational talks', Something like you have to want to win. So looking forward to what you told your sevens team.