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Sunday, November 01, 2009

New York 2009: Race analysis and splits

New York 2009: Splits and race analysis

If you've come here for live splits, I'm afraid I have been beaten by technology this time around. Between the feed from Universal Sports breaking up on me every 2 seconds, and the hotel wireless access in Boston, I did not manage to even watch the race, let alone document the splits. Even now, 8 hours later, I can't watch the race for long enough to even comment sensibility on what went down.

I have seen the race reports, and I would have loved to comment on what were two huge upsets - Meb Keflezighi and Deratu Tulu would have been long-odds leading into the race, but they came out on top in what must rank as the biggest surprises of the year's Marathon Majors, by a long way.

I'm off to New York tomorrow, where I'll try again to watch the race, and then maybe, I'll even feel compelled to comment. I'll try to get some split times up if I can (better late than never). But for now, I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to follow the race, and apologize for not delivering on our usual race analysis - this is, I noticed, the first marathon I've missed since London 2007.

So huge apologies, I will try my best to get a post on the race done at some point!



Rauf Arshad said...

Sports Are always on your site http://sports-unleshed.blogspot.com/

Rauf Arshad said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Ross

Sorry you couldn't track the race - it was our loss for not having the analysis and comments, which have made previous marathons far more intriguing!

I have a question though...does Jonathan not have access to the race, or to the site, to do a post on it? Feels like you're doing a lot, on holiday, as I gather.


Unknown said...

I stumbled up this which might help


Earlier in the day while it was going on you could track multiple runners.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice that Lisa Hütthaler finished in the top 20 for the women? She is the Austrian triathlete who was banned by the ITU this summer for 2 years for EPO. Why and how did she race NYC???

Anonymous said...

My commiserations Ross!

I can understand how frustrated you must feel. Any of us who have optimistically signed into the wireless LAN of the hotel where we're staying when on our travels, only to experience the continuous breakup of the signal are familiar with what you have experienced.

What was your hotel in Boston - so that I can know to give it a miss when next I’m there?

Amy said...

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