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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2010 Year in Review ahead

Looking back on 2010:  The Year-in-Review series

Well, 2010 is finally winding down, and while we've had a quiet few months here on the site, it's been anything but quiet in the sports world.  We've missed much of it, while Jonathan welcomed a new addition to his family and the floor fell out from under my feet, but better late than never, we'll use our review to cover the stories we've missed.

The big news of the moment is the latest doping investigation from Spain (Operation Galgo), which threatens to do for athletics (and possibly other sports) what Operation Puertico did for cycling (sadly, there's a good case to say it did "nothing", but that's for another post in this series).

However, 2010 has brought the usual array of highs, lows, celebrations, condemnations, cheating, and world class performances.  And with the year near its end, it's a good time to look back at some of those moments, the sportsmen and women that defined the year.  Unfortunately, much of the news this year has been dominated by controversies, ranging from match-fixing to doping to cheating in sport, and we'll focus on those too.  The year hasn't brought us the kind of drama and controversy that Caster Semenya did in 2009, but nevertheless, there's no shortage of the "darker" side of sports to discuss.

Fortunately, there are some amazing highlights - race of the year, team of the year, moment of 2010, best website, and our sportsman and woman of 2010, all coming up!

It'll be somewhat tongue-in-cheek, this being the festive season, so if you have any good nominations, let us know!  I'm especially thinking of the peculiar side of sport.  And also, if you can think of deserving WOMEN award winners, please let me know - I'm scraping the barrel for women at the moment! We'll kick it off tomorrow!