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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Science of Sport awards: Videos of the year

Videos of the year

The title "Video of the Year" is often a euphemism for one of two things:  1) extreme sports men or women doing outrageous stunts that defy belief (and sanity), or 2) people doing ordinary things, like mountain-biking, before some extra-ordinary event turns them into YouTube sensations.

Both the above categories are catered for in the collection of videos below...

In no particular order, our (and your) favourite videos of 2011 are:

The mountain biker who is T-boned by a red hartebees - MTB, African style

Whitewater kayaking - amazing footage, great soundtrack.  In another life, I'd choose to be one of these guys.  This is definitely one to watch fullscreen  This is my favourite one, thanks for the link!

2011 Whitewater Grand Prix from Tribe Alliance on Vimeo.

Danny Hart wins the downill MTB world title - the ride is spectacular, the commentary is equally wild

Ibrahim Jeilan vs Mo Farah for 10,000m gold in Daegu - we showed this clip yesterday, but it's a great sporting clip worth a watch

Joey's OK...but first he is airborne.  Cyclo-cross in the USA

Danny MacAskill doing just about anything

In 2009, a video of Danny MacAskill did the rounds and we actually chose it as our Video of the Year.  Now there are dozens of similar videos, noteworthy for the amazing composition and MacAskill's ability.  Just search for "Danny MacAskill" on YouTube and you'll fill an hour watching him.  I have to choose one, and since I'm in Cape Town, it's Danny Plays Cape Town.

Skiing videos

For those of you in winter - similarly spectacular scenery is the backdrop for equally amazing skill.  This first is particularly inspirational.  The second is the skiing equivalent of Danny MacAskill.