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Sunday, June 13, 2010

The FIFA 2010 WC: A Geography lesson

FIFA 2010 World Cup:  Welcome to South..... America?  Ole!

No scientific post today - I'll follow up yesterday's post on the physiological demands of football with a post on fatigue and performance tomorrow.  But for today, here is something on the lighter side - a screen grab from a news station in Chicago.  Spot the error...

Suddenly, those empty seats at some of the smaller matches make sense. Very funny!

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Meanwhile, if you can't watch matches, and would like to receive the occasional match update, as well as whatever interesting trivia pops into my mind as I am watching, check out our Twitter feed, which I promise to keep as active as possible during the tournament!

Here is some sample trivia for today - in the last three World Cups, teams that have won their first match have advanced to the second round 85.7% of the time.  In fact, winning at least ONE match sees qualification 75% of the time, such is the pressure of a four team group.  Teams that draw their first match get through 50% of the time, and teams that lose the opener qualify 13% of the time. 

But of course, still all to play for!  Ghana v Serbia is up next, and it's one of the big fixtures of the group stages.



DrTim said...


You at the game Ross?

Ross Tucker and Jonathan Dugas said...

Hi Tim

No, I'm not. It's in Durban, I'm stuck in Cape Town! I have a game next weekend - Cameroon v Denmark.

This one could be tight. I was torn in my predictions (I organized a competition to predict results for my University dept), because the Aussies will be the best prepared team in terms of planning - they borrow so much from other sports and over 30 years, they've grown such a vast body of IP on high performance sport. One thing you know you get with Aus is super advanced intellectualism!

Germany on the other hand, while inexperienced, are a pick for a semi. So I'll sit on the fence on this one.

I'll be following it and posting on Twitter!


David Wanjiru said...

Ha ha! I don't suppose we can trust that weather forecast at the bottom of the screen either, can we? What station is this? Rindikulazz!!

Anonymous said...

I think this TV station hired Miss (South or North?) Carolina to take care of their geography graphics.